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With a taste of the Territory

During the dry season, we offer a variety of dinners. 

A mix of curry/stew and pizza dinners are offered depending on the time of year.

  • SUNDAY: Fend for yourselves

  • MONDAY: Fend for yourselves

  • TUESDAY: Pizza night (pre order only)

  • WEDNESDAY: Pizza night (pre order only)

  • THURSDAY: Curry night (first in best dressed)

  • FRIDAY: Pizza night (pre order only)

  • COOK YOUR OWN CAMP OVEN. Ask Des all wood, advise and camp ovens supplied.


  • SATURDAY SPECIAL: is a curry night with spotted dog desert and some entertainment with Des! Get a chance to meet our animals, and see Des get up close a personal with our resident Brahman Bull. Growing up in the Territory, Des has some classic Territory yarns, an insight into station life and shares some skills that every ringer from the Top End needs!

All dinners are served around the fire, bring a drink, grab a seat and enjoy a relaxing evening around the fire. People from outside welcome to purchase dinners.

PIZZA $25 Locally made dough and sauce.

Stews / curries buffet style. Adults $25 under 18 as per their age.

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